On Monday evening, Tom Sizemore’s representative announced that his family has been presented with doctor updates regarding the actor and is now in the process of “deciding end-of-life matters.”

“Today, doctors informed his family that there is no further hope and have recommended end of life decision. The family is now deciding end-of-life matters and a further statement will be issued on Wednesday,” Sizemore’s manager Charles Lago said.

“We are asking for privacy for his family during this difficult time and they wish to thank everyone for the hundreds of messages of support, and prayers that have been received. This has been a difficult time for them.”

Sizemore, 61, fell into a coma and was admitted to intensive care after suffering from a brain aneurysm at the start of this month. According to his family’s statement, he has “remained in critical condition” ever since.

Speaking to TMZ, Lago revealed that Sizemore’s brain aneurysm was the result of a stroke he experienced on February 18th at his home in Los Angeles. He had collapsed and quickly been taken to the hospital for medical attention.

At approximately two o’clock in the morning, paramedics were called when an unnamed individual discovered Tom Hanks, renowned for his role in “Saving Private Ryan”, unconscious.

Beginning his career in 1989’s Oliver Stone picture “Born on the Fourth of July,” followed soon after by a role as Sgt. Vinnie Ventresca on ABC’s classic series “China Beach”, the actor went onto to star in an array of films, including “Heat,” “Natural Born Killers,” “Pearl Harbor,” “Black Hawk Down,” “Lock Up,” “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man,” “Point Break,” “True Romance” and “Strange Days”.

Tom’s most renowned portrayal is that of Sergeant Mike Horvath in the 1998 World War II classic “Saving Private Ryan”, which earned an impressive five Academy Awards nominations.

Recently, Sizemore has appeared in several television series such as “Twin Peaks” and “Cobra Kai.” One of his last projects was the movie “The Legend of Jack and Diane” set to be released in 2022. He is also attached to more upcoming productions slated for 2023 and 2024.

The troubled actor also battled drug addiction and had various clashes with the legal system.

Sizemore endured substance addictions, including cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. Furthermore, he faced legal issues for possession of drugs and domestic abuse charges. To gain control over his life he appeared on the show “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” in 2010.

In 2003, his then-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss accused him of domestic violence and he was convicted for it.