Tom Selleck has inspired people for over 45 years. He is known for his roles in “Blue Bloods Of The Closer” and “Magnum P.I”.

He is not only known for his great acting abilities, but he is also a devout Christian. He has stated that he credits all of his success to his faith in Jesus Christ. However, he has described his journey to Christ as a rocky one.

Tom stated that he had a troubled childhood. He received a lot of beatings from his father. However, he eventually grew into a responsible person. He was a star athlete in high school.

Tom wanted to go to University of South California after high school, but he did not have enough money to attend. He went to Valley Junior College on a basketball scholarship. He was able to save money and transfer to USC.

While Tom was in college, he attended auditions. He starred in many commercials.

Even though Tom knew he wanted a career in Hollywood, his faith was the most important thing to him. He stated that he strives to conduct himself with integrity at all time.

He also stated that all of his steps are directed by the Lord, and he humbles himself.