Many celebrities are vocal about the way that they feel government should be run. Rosie O’Donell was recently interviewed by Tom Selleck. She discussed her feelings about gun control during the interview.

She stated that she feels that assault weapons should be banned because they threaten the safety of everyone. She also stated that no one should have one, but people should be allowed to have a handgun if they want to.

Tom asked Rosie what she thought the Second Amendment meant. She stated that she thought that the Second Amendment was for people to have muskets when the British came over. She stated that it does not apply to assault weapons.

That was when Tom decided to go off on Rosie. He stated that if Rosie does not blame forks and spoons for her obesity, then she should not blame guns for deaths. He also stated that guns and spoons are tools that can only work when they are in the hands of men.

Tom also called Rosie a fool and stated that there is no cure for people like her. He stated that it is easy for criminals to get guns, and gun control will not have any effect on crime.

Rosie O’Donnell has actually made headings for many years for entering into heated arguments with stars such as Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Donald Trump, however among the very first times the “Queen of Nice” revealed her hard side remained in an 1999 interview with Tom Selleck about his participation with the National Rifle Association.

Selleck was appearing on O’Donnell’s commonly popular talk program The Rosie O’Donnell Show-which premiered twenty years ago this month-to promote his brand-new film The Love Letter. The star was on there to plug the movie, however in the light of the current Columbine shooting O’Donnell rather wished to speak about weapon control and a current advertisement for the NRA that included Selleck.

And things got tense. Rapidly.

The talk program host pushed Selleck about his participation with the NRA, asking him why attack weapon can’t be forbidden.

” However you can’t state that weapons do not bear an obligation. Why would not the NRA protest attack rifles? This is a weapon that can shoot 5 bullets in a 2nd,” she stated. “This is the weapon that those kids [Columbine shooters] brought into the school. Why the NRA would not state as a matter of compromise, ‘we concur, attack weapons are bad?'”.

Selleck proclaimed that he is not the face of the NRA, although he remained in an advertisement for the company.

” Do not put words in my mouth. I’m not a representative. Keep in mind how calm you stated you ‘d be? Now you’re questioning my mankind,” Selleck calmly informed the host.

” Attack weapons threaten the security of other individuals. There’s no factor, in my viewpoint, to have them,” O’Donnell included.

Tom: Do you actually believe the 2nd Modification to the Constitution to ensure searching and target shooting? Do you actually believe that’s what the Establishing Dads indicated?

Rosie: I believe the 2nd Change remains in the Constitution so that we can have muskets when the British individuals come by in 1800. I do not believe it remains in the Constitution to have attack weapons in the year 2000. However I’m incorrect? I think …

Considering that the interview O’Donnell has actually excused her ambush on Selleck. “In hindsight, if I needed to renovate [it], I would do it in a different way,” she informed the New york city Post in 2012. “He is a kind male, who, for the rest of his life, needs to be connected with me which one occasion.”.