Children frequently look up to their parents. Mother-daughter connections are simply unique, and many girls find themselves imitating their moms by dressing alike, attempting to follow in their professional footsteps, and so on. However, the interest wanes with time, and we each choose different paths while some still grow up following in their father’s footsteps and picking the same profession at the end of the day.

Whatever the case may be, whether you follow in your parents’ footsteps or go down a different road, there’s no denying that seeing a kid mimic her parents is one of the most adorable sights. When it comes to two-year-old babies, not much beats it. On a dancing competition TV show, a talented young mother completed her routine.

As she was preparing for her audition, her little daughter ran out onto the stage and gave her mother a huge hug. When her mother picks her up, she whispers something in her ear and her mommy nods back at her.

Mother-daughter relationships are incredibly unique. We look up to our mothers in many ways. Some of us want to follow in our mother’s footsteps and become professionals. This little girl adores her mother and wants to be a dancer just like her.

Her mother, a talented young woman who adores dancing, recently auditioned for a renowned reality dancing competition TV show. She did very well and her daughter rushed onto the stage to give her beloved mother a hug as the session ended. The little girl then whispers something into her mother’s ear, and she nods back at her.

It turns out that the little girl wants to compete as well. She’s only two years old. When her mother asked the judges if she could dance on stage, she agreed. The young girl began a routine that makes you break out in a grin. Everyone in the audience was shocked by her spontaneous performance, which is really charming.

She might’ve been a little rough with her technique, but she was still adorable, and the routine soon got everyone on their feet, including the judges, who clapped her enthusiastically as she entertained them without concern. She finally wraps up her act and receives a standing ovation from the crowd as her mother picks her up.

This little girl has no doubt inherited her mother’s flair for dancing. To have been able to mimic those moves, she must have watched her mother dance over and over. Her performance as a toddler was amazing; it’s easy to picture how great of a dancer she’ll become given how excellent her debut as a toddler is.

You can view the video for yourself to see what we’re talking about. It’s fascinating to watch her steal the show.

Even if this two-year-old does not develop into a dancer like her mother, we hope that she will one day watch this video when she is older and laugh at her fantastic performance. It may be true.