It is pretty easy to understand why people refer to America as the “American Dream”. Many people come to America just for the opportunity to even experience this “American Dream”. The American flag represents freedom, liberty, and patriotism. Country music icon, Toby Keith, embodies this sentiment very well while also speaking the truth about the current divide we have between political parties. We go vote for the lesser of two evils just for one party to come out on top when we should be united as one and see the more important issues this country faces but we are too caught up in politics.

For Toby, America is the promised land. He writes about the red, white, and blue in the American flag which symbolizes his love for the country. Even though America is divided between Republicans and Democrats we can come together on one common ground, the love for America.

Toby finished writing his song, “Happy Birthday America” right in time for July 4th holiday. This song embodies America but it also talks about the divide that politics have on us. This has been a longtime divide and he writes about us coming together but having one thing in common, the love for the red, white, and blue.