Adults and children see the latest snowfall differently. Children are excited for the possibility of school closing for the day.

They are also eager to throw on their snowsuits to start building forts, igloos, and more. Unfortunately, adults do not always have the same amount of excitement each winter.

This is because adults are the ones responsible for shoveling away all of that snow each winter. Thankfully, adults everywhere can rejoice. A YouTuber decided to show the world one of the best possible ways to shovel snow!

The YouTuber begins by pointing out some crucial facts about snow shovels adults need to know.

For example, most ordinary snow shovels cause tension in the lower back while shoveling all of that snow. This can lead to a person aching for days afterwards.

Over time, it can also lead to serious back injury. Thankfully, the YouTuber shows us how we can adapt an ordinary snow shovel with just a piece of string. Simply tie one end of the string to the handle located on the top of the snow shovel.

Tie the other end near the base of the pole. That’s all you have to do!When you use the shovel, you can lift on the attached string to pick up and dump the snow. You will no longer need to arch and bend your back in painful ways.

The string allows you to shovel an entire sidewalk or driveway without the usual discomfort associated with shoveling. Give this shoveling method a try this winter!