Three brave United States Marines are commended for their heroic actions when they stepped in to help stop a violent act at a Chick-fil-A restaurant located in Stafford, Virginia.

On the evening of March 17th, a harrowing incident occurred at a popular fast-food location when an assailant pulled out a knife and began viciously attacking one woman. Reports have identified the attacker as 39-year-old Edward Seward.

Luckily, three Marine diners inside the restaurant immediately rose to the occasion. Identified as Daniel McPhee, Ryan Barry, and Trey Hines, they were able to detain the attacker until law enforcement arrived on site.

McPhee, who spoke to local news outlets about the incident, recounted that he and his companions didn’t waste a moment when they spotted the attack unfolding. “I think any Marine or any service member would do the same thing,” he stated. “It’s instilled in us from the very beginning.”

Barry expressed his joy in being able to lend assistance to the person in need. “I’m glad that we were there at the right time and place to be able to stop him,” he stated.

The unnamed victim was rushed to the nearest hospital and is being attended to for non-fatal injuries. Meanwhile, Seward has been apprehended and will be facing charges of malicious wounding as well as attacking with a deadly weapon.

In a commendation, Chick-fil-A lauded the Marines for their fast thinking and courage. “We are incredibly grateful for the actions of these heroic individuals,” the company stated. “Their courage and willingness to put themselves in harm’s way to protect others is truly inspiring.”

Praise has been heaped on the Marines by local law enforcement officials for their courageous actions. “We are grateful for the assistance of these Marines, who put their own safety at risk to intervene in a dangerous situation,” stated Stafford County Sheriff David Decatur.

The incident at Chick-fil-A has rekindled a discussion about the necessity of bystander intervention in cases of violence and abuse. Staggering numbers reveal that victims of domestic violence number over 12 million annually, with many occurrences taking place in public settings. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention when you are around unfamiliar people or surroundings and always be prepared to act if needed!

Specialists claim that bystander intervention can be a game-changer in deterring situations from escalating. “Bystander intervention means taking action to prevent harm or intervene when someone is at risk of being harmed,” stated the CEO of the National Domestic Violence Hotline, Katie Ray-Jones. “It can be as simple as checking in on someone who seems to be in distress, or as complex as physically intervening in a violent situation.”

The heroic intervention of the three Marines at the Chick-fil-A in Stafford stands as a resounding testament to how essential it is for people to take action and do their part toward keeping our communities safe. To quote McPhee, “We’re just happy that we could help and that the victim is going to be okay.”