There are several tests that you can take online that claim to determine how smart you are.

One test seems to be easy, but if you’re trying to get a perfect score, then it can drive you a bit nuts. This is a perfectionist test.

Each answer has to be perfect, and there are things with each answer that are slightly off and make you think twice about what you select. You need to choose the shape that looks different than the others in the row.

The test will determine whether you see straight edges or the small inconsistencies that seem to appear that only a perfectionist would notice.

If you can get all of the answers right, then you’ll get a message about being a perfectionist not being easy. If you are a perfectionist, then you probably don’t know it until you take a test like this.

You should also give the brain a rest. If you don’t get all of the questions right, you’re creative and know that life is great. You know that life doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be pleasant.

Those who are perfect might find that it’s hard to deal with criticism, but they also excel in whatever they set their mind to doing.