On other days, all you need is a little pick-me-up. And this clip of a young boy learning to use the toilet might provide just the lift you need on a bad day. When the film began playing, Matty, the kid, was already on his potty. Not only did he successfully empty his bowels into the toilet, but he also presented his father with something extra to be proud of – poop!

However, Matty is unwilling to take the blame for the smelly log floating in the toilet. Despite the fact that you may not be able to smell it through your screen, his kid most certainly does. Our toddler’s father is confident that Matty not only peed in the potty, but also pooped.

The core of the video is straightforward. Dad only wants Matty to confess to pooping in the toilet. But, as it turns out, Matty isn’t so quick to accept praise when he deserves it. Although he did drop a couple of brown nuggets into the porcelain throne, the little boy is not ready to confess it to his father, who was watching him strain through each grunt in order to get there.

Matty is quick to admit peeing in the toilet. However, his confession of pooping is a little delayed. Not only does he want the boy to tell him what happened, but also dad cannot help but laugh along with his son’s amusing reaction to pooping in the toilet for the first time in his life.

“I didn’t poop! I peed,” Matt says in the video. However, he has a conversation with his father in an odd voice that makes him laugh. Dad can’t help but laugh since the voice is so comical; it just keeps slipping out from between his lips.

Matty’s mother uploaded the clip to Facebook, where it instantly went viral. More than 29 million people have watched the brief video as of this writing. His mom, Dani, discovered she had a valuable film on her hands in the process.

The adorable potty training film was widely discussed on social media. The following are just a few of the public postings regarding this topic.

“I know why he’s doing that voice, Dani… he’s the son of you and Greg! He can’t help but to be naturally entertaining! So very precious!”

“Matty, my hubby and I love watching this video of you. Our favorite part is the way you move your finger while saying I peed and your concerned face while asking, ‘is sad daddy?’ ADORABLE!”

This adorable video has been online for some time now, yet it is still extremely popular on Facebook. It can be stated with confidence that this film will be remembered for the millions of views it has obtained.

What are your thoughts about Matt’s potty-training misadventures?