A Carol Burnett blooper video certainly has some interesting behind the scenes clips from the show. It’s a collection of bits fro many different skits, including Carol often breaking character and commenting on the situation. The Carol Burnett Show had 11 seasons when it ran from 167 until 1978. Since then it’s caught on in terms of popularity with people of all ages and from all time periods. The show had musical sketches and skits of all kinds. It aired on CBS as part of their Saturday night line of shows.

The original show had Carol Burnett doing many different things besides just acting. She sang, served as a host, and did comedic sketches. Her own comedy troupe also appeared on the show fairly often. The show also included a number of different regulars like Time Conway, Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner and Harvey Korman. There was definitely an emphasis on slapstick comedy and unique musical bits that many people find funny enough to be laughing constantly. As testament to this, the Carol Burnett show won over 20 Emmys during its air time. It won 8 Golden Globes as well. It continued to plat episodes for years and years after it ended in 1978.

The blooper clips show someone pretending to choke who goes on and on with it, while an actor pretending to be a fireman just makes small talk. A bed fails to actually come out when its supposed to in one shot and the actor makes a show out of having trouble getting it to open up. There are many clips of Carol breaking character as well. People are dropping things, ad-libbing random lines, sitting in bath tubs, destroying furniture, breaking character during other people’s jokes and looking paralyzed for a while, and many others. Carol often turns her head away from the audience to hide her laughing. In one clip someone actually gets stuck in a laundry clothesline and the actor with the remote control can’t stop laughing. He just moves him back and forth across the screen. People also get their lines wrong a lot in the bloopers, including one where the actor keeps spelling “relief” incorrectly.

There’s also one where the dentist accidentally gives himself Novocaine, and the actor playing the patient can’t stop laughing as the dentist has his leg and arm numbed and is still trying to help. This includes using a paralyzed hand to kill a fly, accidentally giving himself more and more Novocaine, and so on. During a sketch on a couch where a man is pretending to be a dog, another actor is laughing over and over again as the man licks his hands and smells everything. Actors are always getting stuck in the bloopers, essentially. Pretty much everything the actor playing a dog did had the other actor paralyzed with laughter including howling, scratching himself and so on. The elephant joke towards the end of the bloopers has Carol laughing for quite a while, and leaning away from everyone in order to hide it.