Anastasia Higginbotham might be an author of books meant for kids, but her newest work is taking on some heavy criticism. The popular author is presently on a book tour for her latest creation, a book entitled, “Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness.” She’s doing readings at libraries around the nation with the intent of teaching kids about the problems surrounding bigotry.

It’s not her book alone that is making headlines, but the fact that she is touring schools across the nation with a cardboard cutout of Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick is a former NFL quarterback that has made the news regularly over the last few years for his choice to kneel throughout the natinoal anthem prior to a football game. This choice influenced numerous others athletes to join him and started an enormous conversation on race that is still being continued in online forums and message inbox’s throughout the nation.

Conservatives unilaterally came out against his actions and were furious when Kaepernick was just recently included in a Nike advertisement with the motto, “Believe in something.”

” Colin Kaepernick kneels for justice; he kneels for an end to authorities cruelty; he kneels for equality in education and financial justice,” she told The Jamestown Sun. “I’m going to kneel beside him”

Higginbotham is not a complete stranger to debate. She welcomes it head-on with her most current series of books, which, “Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness.” belongs to. The series is entitled, “Ordinary Awful Things,” and she hopes that it will offer a way to expose kids to the darker side of life without totally destroying their childhood.

” Every opportunity we search for a chance to let them understand that white supremacy is a lie, that white innocence is a lie.” she stated. “I’m not scared to take a look at an agonizing history, a history in which individuals who appear like me did things they never ever should have done. I wish to take a look at that history.”

Fox News released a video on this story to Facebook just recently and their fans came out greatly against the author.

“This woman is not an instructor she is a self-serving propagandist socialist,” said Lynn Peace Schleich.

“I pity what my grandchildren have as a future. They are currently being indoctrinated in public schools,” said Steve Hall.

This story highlights the large swath of area in between the two significant American political parties nowadays. For some, Colin Kaepernick is a good example and a hero that is defending the racial and financial inequality that he sees in our nation. For others, he’s the opponent and an anti-American who should not have any of the attention that he gathers.

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