Twins have a special connection that few other things in the world can rival. It’s said that it’s because they spent their entire lives growing up together before even being born. They were born into this world together, having spent 9 months in their mother’s womb. The incredible bond twins share is demonstrated by a video that has gone viral.

Sonia Rochel is a 51-year-old nurse who has revolutionized the world of adult beauty treatments by inventing the “Thalasso bain bébé” or “baby spa.” She makes sure to document each time she does this. It’s a method of bathing newborns that includes massaging them for 15 minutes while they’re in the bath. As part of her routine, relaxing music plays in the background. There are no gels or lotions involved; simply running water.

After their birth, Rochel quickly grabbed her phone to record how she bathes newborns. What she did not expect was that when she gave the newborn twins a bath, something charming would happen.

The two newborns, a boy and a girl didn’t appear to realize that they were already born and had emerged from their mothers’ wombs. The nurse washes the two babies in their first bath as the pair continues to cling to one another in an affectionate embrace.

The video demonstrates how much the twins care for each other. They don’t want to be physically separated in any way!

In the video, they appear to be so serene and ethereal in the water as Nurse Rochel carefully cradled them. She then dried them off with a comfy-looking towel. The reactions of these infants when immersed were surprising.

According to Nurse Rochel, a grandmother of six, this isn’t anything new to her since she has bathed several pairs of twins throughout her career.

The objective of Rochel’s video is to demonstrate that bathing with a newborn should not be stressful. However, the nurse advises mothers not to do the identical method at home since water may enter their noses. According to Rochel, this procedure is only done on babies who are younger than two months old. She thinks that slow bath time will become a “restorative nighttime ritual” for infants, particularly newborns.

Rochel, like other pedia nurses, was schooled on how to bathe newborns after birth. However, she observed that the conventional technique appeared to have harmed the infants. They always screamed in the water and Rochel asked why.

She was perplexed by why they would be uncomfortable in a setting that was comparable to the one they just departed. During brief baths, she saw some unusual movements from them.

When she was in the shower, Rochel came up with the Thalasso baby bath concept while enjoying the feeling of water pouring down her face. It would also aid newborns, she thought. They adored it, and it also made them seem like they did in the womb since the bath recreates that scenario. After introducing music into the treatment, 90% of newborns stopped crying, according to Rochel.

The video was originally uploaded in 2013, and it has been shared widely online ever since. The film has millions of views on other versions of the movie.