Have you ever imagined what you might be able to do with old tennis balls?

You might turn them into dog toys. If you were a school teacher, you might cut holes in the tennis balls and stick them on metal chair legs to muffle sounds in the classroom. However, if you happen to be one woman, you might wrap up old tennis balls in aluminum foil. The reason for doing this is awesome!

A tennis ball wrapped in aluminum foil can easily replace dryer sheets. You will never need to buy dryer sheets again.

You can use the tennis balls over and over. However, if you are still curious, there are other things you can do with foil as well! For example, did you know you can place balls of aluminum foil in the bottom of a slow cooker to help cook the perfect turkey? Did you know you can cut a sheet of aluminum foil to sharpen a pair of scissors?

Did you know that you can use balled up aluminum foil to scrub pots and pans? Did you know you can wrap batteries in aluminum foil to help them fit snugly in electronic devices? It’s incredible what you can do with aluminum foil and a little bit of ingenuity!

Have you used aluminum foil or tennis balls for any other life hacks? It seems like there are always more and more to discover. Take the time to share them with us below! You just might help someone out.