It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Lance Reddick, an acclaimed actor recognized for his roles in the “John Wick” franchise and HBO’s critically-acclaimed series “The Wire,” at 60 years old.

The actor’s representatives sadly confirmed his unexpected passing from natural causes.

Just days before his untimely passing, the actor forewent attending the red carpet premiere of Keanu Reeves’ “John Wick: Chapter 4” on Wednesday in New York City.

“We are deeply saddened and heartbroken at the loss of our beloved friend and colleague Lance Reddick,” Reeves and director Chat Stahelski declared in a joint statement. “He was the consummate professional and a joy to work with. Our love and prayers are with his wife Stephanie, his children, family and friends. We dedicate the film to his loving memory. We will miss him dearly.”

In honor of the franchise, Lionsgate – the studio behind it all – released a tribute.

“The world of Wick would not be what it is without Lance Reddick and the unparalleled depth he brought to Charon’s humanity and unflappable charisma. Lance leaves behind an indelible legacy and hugely impressive body of work, but we will remember him as our lovely, joyful friend and Concierge. We’re stunned and heartbroken, and our deepest condolences go to his beloved family and his fans all around the world.,” the company stated.

At around 9:30 a.m. on Monday, law enforcement officers reported to TMZ that they had discovered Reddick in his home in Studio City.

On Thursday, Reddick took his final Instagram post to pen a heartfelt tribute to his beloved pups that read: “On screen and off, it’s no surprise I love spoiling my dogs.”

Before his starring role in John Wick, he gained recognition for his performance as Cedrick Daniels – a Baltimore police officer – in five seasons of The Wire.

On June 7, 1962, Reddick was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He then earned a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Rochester before relocating to Boston and obtaining his master’s degree in fine arts from Yale.

After garnering on-screen fame, he took his talent to social media, where he frequently shared videos of himself singing and playing the piano. This inspired him to create his 2007 album “Contemplations and Remembrances”.

His big break on TV came in 2000 when he was cast as an undercover detective, Johnny Basil, for 12 episodes of the HBO drama “Oz”.

However, the role that brought him to fame was his portrayal of police lieutenant Cedric Daniels in the renowned HBO series “The Wire” for five seasons.

Reddick felt immense pride in taking part in the production of “The Wire,” since it was his inaugural television pilot.

“It wasn’t like I had all these other experiences in television and then, suddenly, this incredible experience. My career at that point had largely been the theater, some guest stuff, and movies,” he told CBR last year regarding his fortunate career turn.

“The grueling and nightmarish stories I heard later about working in television, I just didn’t know. Walking into what arguably became the greatest dramatic series in the history of American television, knowing how good it was from having just read the pilot, I thought, ‘Cool, I’m doing the s–t I want to do. I’m lucky because I’ve been able to do really great work, and I’m getting to do more of it!’ I didn’t know I was spoiled until I left, until it was over.”

He went on to snag a variety of law enforcement roles, such as the part of special agent Phillip Broyles in “Fringe” in 2008 and also that of police chief for Amazon Prime’s award-winning series “Bosch.”

In more recent times, he has been seen in the Netflix series “Resident Evil” and Amazon’s animated show “The Legend of Vox Machina.”

The highly-anticipated fourth installment of the John Wick franchise, “John Wick: Chapter 4”, is set to premiere next week!

“The character was just the kind of character that I never got to play,” he said about his “John Wick” character in 2019. “Ever since ‘The Wire,’ I’ve played a lot of intimidating authority figures that talk a lot, so to play this kind of quintessential servant whose very taciturn I found fascinating.”

This year, he was due to star in many much-anticipated projects such as a reboot of “White Men Can’t Jump” and the Netflix film “Shirley”, while also reviving his role as Charon in Ana de Armas’ spin-off “Ballerina”.

When the tragedy of Reddick’s passing was announced, saddened friends and supporters took to social media to express their condolences.

Wendell Pierce, co-star on “The Wire” alongside Reddick, praised his friend as being a man of immense strength and elegance; an embodiment of class.

“A consummate professional, a devoted collaborator, a lovely soul and a friend,” said “The Wire” creator David Simon. “This is just gutting and way, way, way too soon for any of us who knew and loved him to contemplate.”

“Suicide Squad” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn said Reddick was “an incredibly talented actor.”

The Reddick family respectfully requests that their privacy be honored and asks that those who wish to donate in his memory do so through

He will be lovingly remembered by his beloved wife, Stephanie Reddick, and their cherished children: Yvonne Nicole Reddick and Christopher Reddick.