Joy Behar is a well-known actress, television host, and comedian who appears on many famous and popular television shows such as ABC daytime talk show, The View, and a few shows about her own life. She has also written many famous books. She has been the host on The View for over two years now and is a beloved actress. Joy has been in the spotlight since beginning her career in the 1980s and since, has gained millions of fans and followers. These said fans and followers believe her to be in the retirement planning stage of her life and they are angry. They do not want to lose such a great person on one of their favorite television shows. The retirement rumor is based around Behar retiring from The View in 2022. Though it has not been confirmed, it is believed to be happening because of what has been mentioned in interviews and statements from Behar.

These rumors began because of Behar’s age (77) and her denial of renewing her contract which will expire in 2022. In fact, Joy stated in one interview, “If I continue to be fabulous in 2022 I may be wrong.” Fans are questioning this statement because she did not clarify, making it seem as though she is up in the air about her decision. Some fans may take this as a clear indication of retirement, but Behar has plenty of time to change her mind or decide. Behar has talked about the unlikeliness of changing her mind about retirement, however, she has also talked about what will happens if she continues to stay. Her statements and non-commitment to retiring give fans hope that their host of The View will continue and create a new contract once the one she has now expired in 2022.

A representative of The View has stated that the rumors of Behar retiring are not true and Joy and said that she could leave whenever she wanted which started to cause quite a bit of chaos with fans and The View critics. She has also done this before when she was involved with ABC. She was fired for being too political but was involved as a guest and gained her position back within two years. Behar had not been on set due to her and the world issues, but she has called into the show, which was aired, so even if she is not physically on the show in the future, there may be a chance that she is still involved somehow. The interview that started the stir of emotions and doubt is called The Explosive Inside Story of The View by Ramin Stoodeh. This book was intended to interview and take a more detailed look at the hosts on the show.