Voters in the United States are beginning to lose the confidence that they once had in President Biden when he was first elected to office. His approval rating has dropped so much that it’s at an all-time low. On the other hand, former President Trump’s rating has started to rise over the course of just a few weeks. About 43% of the country approve of how President Biden is handling issues in the country and around the world after he was at close to 49% early in August. While the percentages have been calculated based on interviews and surveys among 1,005 adults, the results are roughly the same for others who have been asked similar questions who weren’t part of the poll. Over 50% of those polled don’t think that President Biden is doing a good job running the country. His overall approval rating has dropped by almost 15 points since January.

Almost 70% of the country disapproves of how the government is taking charge of the country while about 30% approve of what’s being done to help Americans and to get the country back on track. There is a margin of error of about four points, but even with this error, President Biden’s approval rating has still been on a downward slide. With the drop in the administration’s approval, it seems that former President Trump’s approval rating has started to climb. He has overtaken Biden by about two points in recent weeks. There are about 48% of voters who have positive remarks about the job that Trump did while he was in office. This is compared to the 46% who felt drawn to Biden. Trump is on top of the standings with 47% disapproving of his work and 49% disapproving of Biden’s.

There are still rumors about whether or not Trump will run for the office of President of the United States in 2024. He has offered a few hints, but nothing has been set in stone. A little over 50% believe that if he would run again, he would be a better option for the country than Biden. After the issues with Afghanistan and migrants coming across the border, many people have seen that Trump was perhaps the better choice instead of Biden. It’s like buyer’s remorse when someone buys a car that looks as though it’s what they want when they drive it off the lot but then starts to show issues after it’s driven for a few months. Mike Pence’s approval rating has risen as well as people see him as a better option for Vice President. President Biden has been faced with questions and concerns about how he is going to handle the crisis at the border, which is just one of the issues that voters are looking at before putting forth more input as to their approval or disapproval of his job.