Alec Baldwin, Hollywood heavyweight, and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, are under fire after revealing plans for their new reality show, igniting a storm of online criticism. The announcement comes as Alec, 66, braces for his trial connected to the tragic Rust shooting incident. Their show promises an intimate peek into the chaos of raising their brood of seven young children.

The unveiling of the reality show was met with a barrage of mockery online, with netizens speculating that Alec was using the project to finance his legal defense. Hilaria, 40, also found herself the subject of ridicule, dredging up the 2020 scandal surrounding her dubious claims of Spanish heritage. Social media commenters spared no punches, with some sarcastically suggesting the show might air on Telemundo, while others darkly referenced the Rust tragedy.

In a social media video, Alec and Hilaria announced the upcoming series, cheekily dispelling rumors of another impending baby. Set to premiere on TLC in 2025, the show promises an unfiltered look into the Baldwin household, brimming with “love, laughter, and drama.” Alec quipped in the video that viewers might mistake their announcement for another addition to the family but reassured them that the baby factory was officially closed. The couple’s brood includes Carmen, 10, Rafael, 8, Leonardo, 7, Romeo, 6, Eduardo, 3, Lucia, 3, and Ilaria, 20 months.

Amidst clips of their bustling New York City abode, the trailer hinted at the pandemonium of their large family life. The preview culminated with the boisterous Baldwin clan jubilantly declaring, “We are the Baldwins and we’re coming to TLC,” with Alec humorously interjecting, “God help you all,” as the chaos unfolded.

The online uproar spared neither Hilaria’s past controversies nor Alec’s legal woes, with many suggesting the show was a desperate ploy to foot his hefty legal bills. One social media wag quipped, “Why didn’t they just call it ‘WE NEED LEGAL FEES: The Show’?” Predictions of an impending Baldwin breakup and theories of distraction tactics swirled amidst the virtual commotion.

The timing of the announcement raised eyebrows, coinciding closely with Alec’s impending manslaughter trial following the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the Rust movie set in 2021. Despite legal setbacks, the show remains on track.

Described as a documentary-style series, the show promises viewers an unfiltered glimpse into the whirlwind lives of the Baldwin family. Since tying the knot nearly 12 years ago, the Baldwins have been a fixture in the headlines, and this venture seeks to provide an authentic portrayal of their lives.

In sum, the Baldwins’ reality show revelation has stirred substantial online ridicule, with skepticism surrounding its timing and motives. Set against the backdrop of Alec’s looming trial, the show offers a blend of humor, chaos, and candid moments, promising to keep viewers on their toes.