A Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model named Camille Kostek talked recently about the trouble that shes been having on Instagram from body-shaming trolls. She spoke about how happy she was to get into the magazine initially, since she had been told no so many times in a row. For her, it was very gratifying to finally be let into the magazine.

This is because she was allowed to be herself and she was able to have the best moment of her career. She said that she was so happy to be involved with Tyra Banks and to be able to be involved in an issue like body acceptance. Camille talked further about how she had a shock level 100 moment to be involved in the project.

Normally, Camille is very talkative and used to interviewing people since thats part of what she does for some of her other jobs. However, she said that the problem is that you get really caught up in all of the comments when youre reading about yourself off of computer screen. In the world of modeling, Camille talks about everything is exaggerated even more. There are so many trolls. She said that it can be super hard to hear just a few people saying how much they hate your body, even when you have 900 people defending you in the same comment section.

Many people would say that reading the comments section of any particular publication online is a massive mistake. However, its likely often difficult to avoid doing all the time when you see articles and other media that are about you. Even when you have a big fan in patriots star Rob Gronkowski, who is Camilles boyfriend. Camille further spoke about how words do hurt, and the old adage about sticks breaking your bones but words never hurting you just isnt true. If someone is slinging hurtful words they are going to hurt people, its that simple. Camille says that she does her best to seek the time to talk to people when they try to reach out, especially if they need help. She says that it often helps those people when she can say something encouraging.

Camille further talks about how even though she is a supermodel with a boyfriend like Rob Gronkowski who is supportive, she does still have a lot of problems, including trying to resist people trying to label my life, trying to figure who I am. Kostek further elaborates that even though she seems happy and confident all the time, she definitely has her low points, including where she wants to curl up in a ball and not expose myself on social media anymore and just close it down because of the trolls.

However, in the end, she is determined to not let those people affect her. She says that its always her goal to help people understand that you need to get to a place where you accept yourself so that the trolls dont bother you at all anymore. Its not a good outcome when youre already hard on yourself and then the trolls make it even worse. Kostek talks about the importance of being who you are instead of trying to force yourself to be a certain size.