A young woman from Brazil has been horribly disfigured after her former boyfriend kidnapped her and had her brand herself with his surname on the side of her face. Tayane Caldas, 18, was walking to school in Sao Paulo, in southern Brazil, when her ex-boyfriend, 20-year-old Gabriel Coelho, pulled up next to her suddenly and forced her into the car with him while his father sat in the driver’s seat.

Coelho and his father then took Caldas to the boyfriend’s home in neighboring Taubate after she was taken on her way to school. He compelled her to have his name tattooed across her face as a sign of ownership because he wanted to claim her as his property while she was at his residence in Brazil’s town. On the right side of her face, Caldas has the name of her ex-boyfriend tattooed from ear to chin, including over the scars from knife wounds inflicted by him when she tried twice before escaping.

While his ex-girlfriend was being kept at Coelho’s residence, Caldas’ mother was frantic since her daughter had vanished. While she was held against her will, Coelho violently and vocally assaulted his former girlfriend, in order to claim ownership of another person through a desperate attempt to have his name tattooed across the side of her face.

The mother of the missing adolescent filed a report. Her daughter could not be found, so she reported her as missing. On Saturday, she located her daughter at her ex-boyfriend’s house and returned her home. The damage to her face had already been done, however.

With the assistance of her mother, Caldas filed a police complaint against her ex-boyfriend for his reprehensible conduct.

“She told me she was screaming for help when he was tying her up,” Velloso stated. “She told me, ‘Either I stopped screaming and let him do the tattoo, or he was going to kill me in there.’”

Coelho was arrested on Saturday and is being held in jail while his charges are determined. Coelho had also violated a restraining order that Caldas had filed in 2022, as well as another restraining order that she had filed in 2021.

Meanwhile, Coelho claimed that he did not kidnap Caldas and that she was delighted to have his name tattooed across her face. His father, who had not been detained, backed up the narrative and swore that Caldas had agreed to everything.

Caldas and Coelho met six years ago and dated for a while. They have just broken up.

“I am afraid of him,” Caldas said. “The law these days, everyone knows he doesn’t stay in (jail) for long, and with this whole situation, I’m afraid of him.”

Meanwhile, Coelho’s mother attempted to persuade him to cease phoning Caldas.

When she replied, he told her to cease contacting him and wrote “nothing you say or stop saying will change what I’m going to do, okay? That’s it, big hug.”