Fake eyelashes were once only used for our eyes, but now women are getting them stuck on their eyebrows too. This new fashion has females pasting false lashes right above their brows to give themselves a more “exotic look.” I have no clue who came up with this concept, but it seriously needs to end before it begins.

The new beauty look, as seen on the Gucci runway in 2020, was created by designer Alessandro Michele. In a social media post, Gucci Beauty announced that the show “in Milan present bare, natural skin as eyes and eyebrows are accentuated with multiple layers of lashes.”

Fake lashes on eyebrows is a style that has been gaining popularity in the beauty world, but it shocks and confuses many people who see it. People are constantly looking for ways to improve their appearance and have an edge over others.

Although this style is beauty risks, such as an allergic reaction or eye infection if the glue and fake lashes are not applied correctly. Some women have found themselves with glued-on eyelashes for days or weeks on end because they are very difficult to remove once applied.

While the beauty trend of using fake lashes to enhance eyebrows has become popular among some, it, fortunately, has not reached widespread popularity. In addition to those who debuted the style at Gucci’s show in Milan back in 2020, many people are utilizing them for social media nowadays – especially since TikTok took over the internet.

Women naturally want to look beautiful, and while there are some dangers associated with using harsh chemicals or gluing on fake body parts, eyeshadow and eyeliner are much safer options. With so many colors available now for both products, the possibilities for new looks are endless! Keep in mind that fads fade, and the most practical way to stay fashionable is by concentrating on health, contentment, and self-acknowledgment. Let’s ditch the faux lashes for our eyebrows – we don’t require them!

Therefore, my dears, If you’re considering trying this newest style trend, think twice. Adhere to more traditional methods of accentuating your eyes, and you’ll definitely look gorgeous without the chance of destroying your eyebrows or harming your health. Get rid of those fake eyelashes and liberate yourself from this unusual beauty craze! After all, is said and done natural beauty never goes out of style.

The current beauty trend of fake eyelashes on eyebrows, started by Gucci, has many people divided. What are your thoughts? Would you try it or avoid it at all costs?