If you’re craving a delectable and ooey-gooey mozzarella stick, then TGI Fridays may not be the best place to order from. Despite being named after the famous cheese, customers of this restaurant chain have been discovering that their orders don’t contain real mozzarella! Instead of providing diners with an appetizer made from true Italian delicacy and salty goodness as advertised on their menu, they are receiving something completely different every time.

The renowned restaurant chain, TGI Fridays, has encountered accusations of false advertisement in regard to their beloved mozzarella sticks. Allegedly utilizing cheddar cheese as a substitute for the classic mozzarella which is essential to this dish, customers have filed a lawsuit against them due to its mislabeling and misleading nature. This particular case presents an interesting dilemma regarding what actually constitutes truth-telling when it comes to food labels – especially those that are meant for children’s consumption!

A lawsuit has been filed by an Illinois resident against the chain restaurant, requesting a monetary reimbursement. Due to the nature of this case, it appears as though what began as a single complaint could turn into a class-action suit given that so many people have experienced disappointment when ordering mozzarella sticks off TGI Fridays’ menu.

Amy Joseph is the brave individual behind this groundbreaking lawsuit against Inventure Foods Inc. and TGI Fridays Inc. The proceedings were initiated in February 2021, with her awaiting her day in court; however, if successful, it’s predicted that both companies would prefer to settle out of court rather than invest financially and endure a drawn-out public battle among the legal teams in front of a judge.

This lawsuit alleges that “the respective state-law claims for consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices in all fifty states and the District of Columbia on behalf of herself and the nationwide class.”

Additionally, as People reported, the lawsuit added “Despite its label, the Product does not contain mozzarella cheese; rather, it contains cheddar cheese.”

A federal judge recently decided that the lawsuit against Inventure Foods Inc. was valid and could continue due to its reasonable expectation of a customer ordering mozzarella sticks from TGI Fridays menu expecting real cheese inside them. The restaurant chain sells this popular dish but does not prepare it – it is made by Inventure.

The potential severity of the accusations against TGI Fridays is evident, and it looks like they may soon be facing a long, costly legal battle – or potentially settling out of court. It’s unclear whether this scandal could irrevocably damage their reputation if the lawsuit proceeds. As we await to hear how this case will develop, one thing is certain: no matter what your opinion on the legitimacy of her claim may be, TGI Fridays has some major decisions ahead.

Customers ought to be cautious when ordering mozzarella sticks from TGI Fridays as it could very well be cheddar cheese masquerading in a different form.