A Texas resident was given a staggering 70-year jail term for spitting at Lubbock police officers during an arrest in May of last year.

Following a violent incident, Larry Pearson (36) was promptly apprehended by police after reports of domestic abuse and physical assault on an individual. Allegedly, the perpetrator hit this woman multiple times in the face leaving her with visible wounds as noted by EverythingLubbock.com.

Pearson became livid when officers refused to arrest the victim, and consequently began slamming their police cruiser’s door. After two of them opened it up in frustration, he spits at them repeatedly regardless of whether or not they warned him. This rage didn’t stop even when he arrived back at Lubbock County Detention Center as reported by a certain website.

Following a trial and careful deliberation, the jury ultimately rendered a guilty verdict for two counts of harassing public officials.

In her final plea to the jury, prosecutor Jessica Gorman entreated them to utilize this opportunity for sentencing as a way of sending out a powerful and clear statement both toward the suspect and society at large.

Given Pearson’s criminal history of aggravated robbery and family violence, Gorman noted that he was met with a minimum sentence amounting to 25 years.

“If you’re going to live the life of crime, you’re going to do that among other criminals [in prison],” Gorman said in the court.

Jim Shaw, Pearson’s advocate in court, assured jurors that the charge for which his client was about to be sentenced was a mere misdemeanor that spiraled out of control.

Ultimately, the jury rendered a punishing judgment against him.

“You’re not going to get 70 years for something like this when you’ve never been in trouble before,” Gorman stated.