With the advent of teeth jewelry, the practice of commemorating beloved individuals has developed into a peculiar fashion. This macabre trend is becoming increasingly popular on social media and involves using extracted teeth – either from someone who has passed away or from oneself – to craft captivating pieces of jewelry.

Teeth jewelry has been around for centuries, with its heritage stemming from ancient civilizations that used teeth as symbols of luck and protection. Nevertheless, the current craze has emerged from a community of body modification enthusiasts who have innovated their own one-of-a-kind pieces by incorporating teeth into their jewelry designs.

For years, Kayla Stojek has been crafting beautiful teeth jewelry and is now beginning to witness a surge in its popularity. According to her, these pieces grant people the opportunity to keep their dearly departed close even beyond death.

Stojek’s work encompasses cleaning and buffing a tooth to ensure its immaculateness before she drills a tiny hole into it and attaches it to whatever jewelry piece you desire. What results is an exquisite item of jewelry that radiates beauty as well as uniqueness?

While teeth jewelry might not be for everyone, some individuals find solace in carrying a tangible reminder of their loved ones. For people who have experienced the loss of someone close, it is often an emotional way to honor and keep that memory alive with them forever.

Yet, this trend has sparked criticism and debate. Some have professed their discomfort in wearing human teeth as jewelry and raised ethical concerns about using human remains for such a purpose; others believe it to be disrespectful to the deceased, stressing that there are far more suitable ways of honoring them.

In certain societies, the wearing of human remains as jewelry is considered a major social taboo. In America though, the legality surrounding this practice deviates from one state to another; while some states permit it provided that all requirements are met such as obtaining needed consent of either the deceased or their family members, others have totally banned its use in any decorative form.

Teeth jewelry may be an intriguing and contentious trend, yet not everyone will appreciate it. While some people draw solace from wearing a physical memento of their dear ones, others might find it disturbing or even unethical. It’s always important to remember that we have many options for honoring our departed loved ones in meaningful ways – and whether using human remains in jewelry is considered appropriate or inappropriate depends on each person’s individual beliefs as well as cultural norms.