You don’t want to tangle with Food Network’s renowned chef, Guy Fieri. Having hosted a plethora of culinary shows and owning restaurants nationwide, he has become an iconic figure in the cooking world. From his signature spiky blond hair adorned with gold hoop earrings and ducktail beard – which have been symbolic of him since his rise to fame years ago –Fieri is not only beloved by Americans but also tourists from all over looking for some delicious bite!

However, in 2011 Fieri went through some misfortune when his beloved 2008 banana-yellow Lamborghini was stolen. The car cost around $200,000 and it happened while the vehicle was being serviced at a San Francisco area dealership in Northern California. In an instant, the thief drove off with this ultra-priced hotrod!

The act of thievery was a feat that sixteen-year-old Max Wade had never expected to accomplish. He marched into the San Francisco property with little more than some climbing gear and managed to pull off an infiltration that would have made Hollywood proud. After disabling Fieri’s Lamborghini alarm system, he hopped in for what would be one of his most thrilling joyrides ever; right out through the dealership’s front door!

The San Francisco dealership was equipped with security cameras, which deftly captured the theft of Guy Fieri’s luxurious Lamborghini on video. Nevertheless, they were unable to immediately apprehend the daring teen who scaled down from their walls in pursuit of his prize.

As the flashy and unmistakable sports car raced through San Francisco, it became quickly apparent that this joyride was no ordinary theft. With license plate GUYTORO adorning its vehicle, there could be only one person behind such a deed: celebrity chef Guy Fieri! It’s clear that whoever stole this car knew exactly who they were taking it from.

On the day that Guy Fieri was away in Chicago filming an episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives – which is fondly referred to as Triple D – theft occurred.

After Wade stole Guy Fieri’s prized sportscar, authorities labored for a year to locate him. Finally, the teenager was apprehended while committing another crime and justice was served when he was charged with what he did to that beloved car.

By age nineteen, Max Wade had already accumulated a plethora of criminal offenses that guaranteed him a life sentence in prison. Although the theft of the vehicle was only one minor crime among his laundry list of misdeeds, it still contributed to his harsh punishment from the judge who was aware of Wade’s reputation as an incorrigible troublemaker.

Chef Fieri made a convincing case during the court hearing, “I just wanted to keep it straight and to the point, let’s wrap this up,” he said, “There are other facets to [this case] that are far more important than my car.”