Sadly, the world lost Jeff Thomas – a celebrated model and influencer who frequently graced events with prominent celebrities – at just 35 years old.

Last Wednesday, police located Thomas’ body at a residence in Miami after multiple witnesses reported that he had leaped from the balcony. According to TMZ, this was ultimately determined as his cause of death.

Although the autopsy is concluded, authorities have not yet officially revealed what caused their demise. Still, suicide is speculated to be the cause of death according to other sources.

Renowned in the modeling world, Thomas is one of AMCK’s London-based model representatives and has featured prominently in numerous runway shows, magazines, and commercials.

The Florida native was the brain behind One Popsicle, a modern art consultancy.

With his handsome and ultra-toned face and body, the fitness enthusiast had built up a loyal following of over 120K on Instagram. He often shared snaps of himself with pride about being an “aspiring firefighter” as well as a “proud dog dad”!

His page featured pictures of Thomas hobnobbing with a bevy of A-list celebrities, including Megan Fox, 36, and Nicole Scherzinger, 44 – the latter being an esteemed judge on ‘The Masked Singer’.

Before he passed away, Thomas shared a black and white photo of his most recent tattoo that read “resilience.”

Not long ago, Thomas had posted a touching message about his beloved grandmother who came to visit from California.

“Her dear friend decided to take my beloved Grandma on the cruise after originally planning to go with her recent husband whom passed away during the pandemic,” he captioned the video of her arriving at the Airport.

“It was a process to do it all after finagling my hectic work day/week, the start to my EMT classes, getting a flat tire, moving into my new home and my transition moving from Los Angles to Miami,” he added.

“However, somehow I make it work for those that I love, deserve it and appreciate those efforts since they do the same for me.”

As news of his death reverberated across the modeling industry, many paid tribute to Thomas on his final Instagram post shared a mere week ago. Social media was flooded with touching posts in honor of him and memories that will last forever.

“I met you many years ago in NY,” Kris Haigh, an LA-based fashion designer, said on Instagram. “You never failed to bring an up beat energy every time I saw you.”

Haigh continued, “We never know what people are really going through. I will use this as a reminder to ask people how they are more even when they seem happy on the outside. RIP Jeff.”

Joe Carozza, Stuntman and fellow fashion, said, “Your infectious smile always brought so much joy to my life. Rest in peace sweet boy.”

Thomas’ modeling agent Gerald Frankowski stated, “It was a pleasure to have been your agent. You did everything you needed to do to succeed in the biz. Frustrating at times but I knew your goals and your passion to get there. More important was the friendship we developed afterwards. Your heart was always in the right place. RIP #DIT.”