P.K Shader, a 70-year-old woman with a Walmart horror story, claims that she was viciously attacked by an African American teenage employee after the two got into a heated verbal exchange. Despite her advanced age and attempts at defending herself against the worker’s physical assault, nobody present attempted to intervene in order to protect her from further abuse. The teen had become enraged over how P.K Shader treated her during their confrontation, prompting the attack on the elderly woman who remains traumatized by this incident years later.

With the hope of inspiring bystanders to protect individuals in need, Shader strives to spread awareness regarding safety hazards at Walmart locations across the country – not only limited to Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin. She wants witnesses everywhere to be brave and come forward when they observe a customer being attacked by an employee. By sharing her story widely, she hopes that more people will take action if such incidents occur again in their vicinity.

The police were called to the scene around 7 pm after reports that an elderly woman had been brutally attacked by a Walmart employee. Shader’s head and face had suffered several blows, yet miraculously she only needed officers to apprehend the assailant and handcuff them in the back of their squad car. Shockingly, no medical attention was necessary for her injuries at this time.

Jazareia Velasquez, a seventeen-year-old cashier at Walmart, was the victim of an alleged attack by customer Shader. Reportedly, this transpired after Shader requested that Jazareia summon her manager to lodge a complaint about their interaction. Meanwhile, while she waited for service from the cashier, Ms.Shader created quite a disturbance and even attempted to take an unauthorized photo of young Velasquez without consent.

“She went crazy. She flew, and she punched me, fist right here [in the face] over and over again,” Shader stated. “I’m never walking into Walmart again, that’s for sure.”

When Shader recounted what had occurred to police, they were left with no other option but to take her side. The elderly woman’s body was riddled with bruises and contusions, particularly on the head and face area – clear indicators of aggravated assault against a senior citizen as well as disorderly conduct. Velasquez was subsequently arrested under both charges.

Shader revealed that the most shocking occurrence of her shift at Wisconsin Walmart was not, in fact, the attack itself but rather that no one attempted to intervene – despite coworkers being aware of the seventeen-year-old cashier’s volatile nature.

“What if it was your grandmother? What if it was your mother?… The managers knew she was a loose cannon. The first manager said nothing. The second one told me so. So, why did they keep an employee like that? That’s a bigger problem than not having security,” stated Shader.

Shader is presently coming to terms with the incident. Yet, she wants audiences to have compassion and intervene in order to prevent this kind of event from occurring again for elderly people who shop at Walmarts.

She continued: “I just want to tell people: ‘Pull out your phone. Give somebody a break.’ No one’s asking you to dive in and be hurt, but pull out your phone and document it and yell, ‘Call the police.’”