Even a runny nose couldn’t stop Taylor Swift from dazzling her fans during her recent performances in Edinburgh. The pop sensation displayed her unwavering professionalism as she battled through a cold on stage at Murrayfield Stadium over the weekend.

Swift, 34, powered through three shows despite chilly temperatures dipping below eight degrees Celsius, entertaining a staggering 219,000 fans as part of her highly anticipated UK tour kickoff. However, her determination to deliver an unforgettable experience wasn’t without its share of unexpected moments.

Caught on camera blowing her nose and wiping it on her skirt during a rendition of “Don’t Blame Me,” Swift’s actions sparked a polarized reaction on social media. Some fans expressed dismay and even disgust, with one user criticizing, “Taylor Swift blew her nose and wiped it on her skirt on stage. Fans also noticed her licking the snot from her nose at one point.” Such moments ignited a debate online about stage etiquette and preparedness.

Yet, amidst the criticism, many supporters rushed to Swift’s defense, arguing that dealing with a runny nose in such circumstances is a natural occurrence. One fan retorted, “I seriously don’t get why anyone would be mad or disgusted by someone wiping their nose. Like seriously? What was she supposed to do?”

Swift’s Edinburgh shows marked the beginning of a massive tour across the UK, with upcoming stops in Cardiff, Liverpool, and a grand finale at London’s Wembley Stadium, where a record-breaking 720,000 fans are expected to attend over eight nights. The tour, part of her Eras series, has already made a significant impact on the British economy, projected to boost it by nearly £1 billion.

Devoted fans showed their dedication by queuing up to 48 hours in advance of Swift’s arrival in Edinburgh, underscoring the fervor surrounding her performances. However, the influx of fans also strained local accommodations, with hotels quickly filling up and raising rates during Swift’s three-night residency.

Economically, Swift’s tour is not just about the music; each concert is estimated to bring an average spending of £848 per fan, covering travel, lodging, meals, merchandise, and more. This has led to frustration among some fans due to ticket scarcity and high demand, exacerbated by international buyers vying for seats.

Despite these challenges, Swift’s impact on both the music industry and local economies remains undeniable. As she continues to captivate audiences across Europe and beyond, her ability to draw massive crowds and generate substantial economic activity highlights her enduring influence as a global superstar.

With Swift’s tour set to resume in the US after its European leg, anticipation remains high for what promises to be a memorable series of performances, showcasing her resilience, artistry, and unwavering connection with her audience.