While checking out at Target, a customer requested “reparations” while already having over $1,000 worth of groceries in her cart. This sparked an altercation between the cashier and the security guard that led to violence when the latter punched her.

In October, a disturbing episode occurred at Blue Ash’s megastore in Ohio. According to the police report reviewed by The Post, Karen Ivery had requested the cashier for their manager regarding some payment and reparations when events unfolded.

According to the cashier’s account, Ivery frequently mentioned reparations throughout their brief interaction prior to the manager arriving on the scene.

When the customer engaged with the manager, she began by demanding compensation before storming towards him in an “aggressive” manner, as documented.

“Ivery kept berating her about reparations and her privileged life,” the report claims that the patron kept advancing towards the manager as they walked.

At that point, Zach Cotter, an experienced loss prevention officer interjected, requesting Ivery to remain composed and exit the shop as stated in the report.

Nevertheless, it’s reported she yelled at Cotter and then proceeded to follow him into his office.

As Cotter attempted to close the door, Ivery allegedly forced her way in and it was then that he threw a punch, as stated in the report.

The Daily Mail’s coverage of the incident was supported by surveillance footage, showing a staffer throwing an uppercut which sent the woman reeling to the ground.

After watching the footage, authorities ruled that Ivery was the instigator of the incident and accordingly took her into custody.

“Ivery was confrontational with officers on the scene and didn’t want to explain her actions,” the report reads.

Recent years have been marked by the charged discussion of reparations, where a government body or other organization compensates people of color who are descendants of slaves or discriminated against in another form.

In a YouTube video of the alleged event, captured by a bodycam, Ivery asked an officer to call on the cashier to reach out to their manager “so we could have a larger conversation about how money works, and how the provision works, and how it’s been working in our community in a very wrong way.”

“This is my Rosa Parks moment,” she continued.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Ivery received a one-day jail sentence and had to pay $110 for his disorderly conduct.

When asked for a comment about the incident, a representative from Target refused to make one and advised further inquiry of law enforcement.