One of the best things about the Christmas holiday season is the music. People start listening and enjoying the spirit of the holidays through songs early in the month of November. This is what puts most people in the holiday spirit. Everyone has their own favorite Christmas song, and whether it is on compact disc, or programmed on their electronic device, they tend to play it over and over. The old time classics never go out of style, but the new songs have become very trendy. Songs that are performed by popular singers generally are heard all during the season, but the one that may stand out is the one sung by someone with a voice that that mesmerizes the audience.

Susan Boyle has that type of voice. When hearing her sing, it seems as if the whole world stands still to listen. When she performs the classic Christmas carol, O Holy Night, listeners stop what they are doing to ensure that they hear every word that comes from her mouth. She sings this song with such elegance, and it seems very effortless for her. Although, she always puts all of herself into her music, she sings this song with so much emotion and control. While performing the song to a live audience, she held their attention from beginning to end. Susan is such a remarkable singer that her presence demands unbridled respect.

O Holy Night was magnificently performed, and everyone in the audience was on the edge of their seats. You could feel the chills on your spine as she sang so beautifully, almost as if the song was written especially for her. The listeners can close their eyes, and sway to and fro to the melodic sound of Susan’s voice. If you did not know her, you would not expect such gracious sounds to come from her. She has a wonderful stage presence which only enhances the song that she sang. The listener can focus on the music, and not on the appearance. It was almost magical watching and listening to the music of Susan Boyle. That coupled with the magic of the holidays made for a sensational event.

Susan Boyle has a voice that can not be duplicated. It is very unique with a sense of purity that is not found in many other singers today. She evokes the true holiday spirit through this song, and entices listeners to want more. The feeling that is aroused by her vocals in O Holy Night is unparalleled. this is truly one of the songs of Christmas that can be listened to over and over again. Her rendition of the song is one of a kind which makes it stand out from the other versions that have been performed by many different artists.

Susan has a very demure appearance which is one of the reasons that people are surprised when they hear her sing. Her voice is so strong that her timid demeanor is over shadowed. She will definitely capture the hearts of those who hear her perform, and make them fans for life. Get ready for shivers up and down your spine when you hear the amazing voice of Susan Boyle sing O Holy Night.