A contestant on the television show “The Bachelorette,” Ashley Rosenbaum is accustomed to other people looking at almost every detail of her life. She tends to stay on social media quite a bit, posting stories about her family and friends. This allows her to communicate with the people who love her and want to know more about her story. It’s been about 10 years since Rosenbaum launched into the television world, but that hasn’t stopped her from engaging with her fans. While Rosenbaum was on “The Bachelorette,” she met JP, who later became her husband. They have since had two children together. Rosenbaum enjoys being a mother and focuses her efforts on this role. Aside from her role as a mom, she also enjoys giving beauty tips to her followers.

There are over 300,000 people just on Rosenbaum’s Instagram account, which means that almost every detail of her life can be seen from various angles. Several people comment on her pictures and posts throughout the day, most of which are polite and helpful. However, there are some messages that aren’t always wanted and that bring information that she doesn’t always want to hear. One comment that was made about a picture of Rosenbaum’s children was helpful to her. Someone noticed something about Essex, Rosenbaum’s daughter, who is also her youngest child. The person who spotted the issue quickly sent a message, which then led to Rosenbaum and her husband discovering their daughter’s torticollis.

Several images of Rosenbaum’s daughter have been shared online. One viewer immediately informed her to have Essex examined by her daughter as soon as possible due to her body being twisted in just about every image that was shared. Initially ignoring what the person said, Rosenbaum soon read the message again and paid closer attention to her daughter. She looked up details of the condition and realized that it described the issues that her daughter was experiencing. The person who sent the message to Rosenbaum has a son with the condition and knows of some of the symptoms. When Essex was examined by her doctor, it was discovered that she did have torticollis. She was fitted with a helmet so that the shape of her head would be rounded. She was also given other items and therapy to help with the twisting that she experienced. Rosenbaum is thankful that viewers pay attention to what she posts about her family. If it wasn’t for someone who was concerned about Essex and sent a simple message about what she suspected, then Rosenbaum and her husband might not have known to look into torticollis. Her daughter could have health issues that are much worse than they were when she was younger.