Bring in a large size animal to a store, this man did! There had been lots of conversation about why the bigger house pets or pets, in general, cannot go with the owners like small cats and dogs. Small cats and dogs are tolerated, and most must have the assistant license to accompany their owner into stores. Yet the large pet club that many Americans are apart of does not get accommodated very often. Accommodation for such animals is not heard of and any place that says they do on a regular basis should be brought to the attention of others. In this case, a man discovered that a Tractor supply store in Oklahoma was allowing him to bring his animal in as long as it had a leash, he hesitated no more.

Robin who was shopping there at the same time at the pair captured the picture and wanted to tell the story. Not only was the man with his animal which happened to be a horse he also was in full cowboy attire. You could tell that the absolute love for the pet and not wanting him outside in the heat or even away from him because the man took his time to find the right products and really wanted to enjoy the rare moment of shopping with his horse. The pair was aware this was not normal, and people would be looking but he felt like he needed to bring his horse to the place he gets the horse’s food from and that is exactly what he did when he saw the sign on the door that said pets need leashes. So, he wanted to test the rule and maybe enjoy a shopping experience with the horse. What he may or may not have realized that the store actually let him do it and the reaction was a good one. You might see this man in a store near you one day.

There is so many negative things in the world that you could be down about and worry about but when it comes to a nice enriching story it is nice to know that the man and his horse were very happy and seemed kind of in place. The store and even the lady taking pictures cared enough to put out the story, they cared enough to show the world the small act of kindness that the store had as well as the man for wanting to share the horse with the store and the kids who got to play with it. The man seemed like the owner and pet were a fit all along and being a great example of conquering something you did not know if it was going to go well or not in a positive nice way helps others they can do it too. It all goes back to understanding that the small things matter.