Comedian and television host Steve Harvey has had his fair share of trouble in his love life. His career in acting, radio, and production has had some challenges, but he has managed to cope with them. This world-known author has been in four marriages, including his current one. These four women made him a father to seven kids, although three of them are stepchildren. His latest wife is Marjorie Elaine, whom he married in 2007. Steve is open to the world about his life and does not shy away from showcasing his wife, who he adores with everything he has got. He has praised her for her pivotal role in becoming the star we know him to be on several occasions. Harvey recently invited the love of his life to his show. She aided him in honoring mums on the recently celebrated Mothers’ Day from what she had been told. However, during the show, he made a rather apparent confession when he told Marjorie that the invitation was just a way of appreciating her. Marjorie could not hold back her tears when Steve made this confession and begged her not to cry. The crowd cheered as Marjorie shed tears on the realization that even the show’s staff were in on the surprise.

Harvey went ahead to narrate how they first met. They met at a comedy nightclub, and he immediately confessed his feelings. From what Steve said, he promised to marry Marjorie even though he was yet to know her then. It sure took some time, but he finally fulfilled his promise to Marjorie. Steve talked about the various mistakes in his life and the many regrets he has. Harvey was thankful for how things had turned out because it enabled them to have children. He likened it all to divine order. From what he said, he only began living after she came into his life. Harvey also recognized her role in the betterment of his son, Wynton’s life. She is said to have enabled him to improve in his class. Steve even claimed to have lost interest in music before the magical meeting with Marjorie happened. After he met her, all the things he enjoyed were suddenly back in his life.

Mothers’ Day is a special day to appreciate all life-givers globally, and Steve could not let it pass. He made his children’s mum feel special and worthy. An act like this can leave anyone in tears. What stunned the audience more was the realization that Steve too had issues despite the fame and stature. The introduction of Marjorie into his family has improved things not only for Steve but also for his kids. The children, too, had trouble comprehending and digesting the attention their father was getting. Celebrity children sometimes suffer the shock just like their parents. According to Steve, no situation is too deep to come back from. He believes that when you find the right person for you, everything will fall right into place. According to Harvey, getting the perfect match can be instrumental in turning around your life for the better.