Steve Harvey interrupted his TV show for a lighthearted conversation with an elderly woman. He ended it in shock. Harvey spotted the woman during his show and walked out to the audience to greet her. The woman, Ms. Nelson from Virginia, came to the show to celebrate her 100th birthday.

She sat with a smile while donning a crown and a sash declaring her age. Harvey could not believe it when he saw the sash proclaiming “I’m 100.” Girl, you aint no 100, he said. Sixty-two, you got to be about 62! The host, in feigned disbelief, decided to gain a few tips from Nelson on how she had aged so well, including asking her what she ate. “A little bit of everything,” she told Harvey.

hen Nelson said that included bacon, the host promised to send her a package of his brand. “Do you cuss?” Harvey asked her. “Sometimes,” the woman said with a big laugh. Harvey joked with the audience, saying that when he reached Nelson’s age, he would cuss all the time because it would help keep him young.

The scene warmed the hearts of many in the audience as they laughed along during the conversation.

“God bless this amazing woman. She looks the same age as my grandma who is 75! Thank God this beautiful woman can talk, walk, laugh, smile and in Jesus name live another 100 years. My great grandmother lived until the age of 93 and I thank God for her healthy and wealthy life. Only God knows what this 100-year old woman has been through in her long fruitful life.?”

“That was so beautiful, you kind of see Steve get a bit emotional there and he started to call her ‘mama’. I’m sure when he saw her, he thought of his mother. but regardless, he took such good care of her. that was really something to see. the things that woman must have seen in her life, we can only imagine. that why we must treat our elders with respect.?”

“What a Beautiful blessing for Steve!!! I can tell that she really hit home for him with her being 100yrs old. He even started calling her “mama”, so Beautiful to see and I can tell he’s connected to that Woman in some way and would have done anything for his mother. Wow!!! Such a Blessing…I cried lol?”

“I tried so hard to hard the tears but it was more of crying… Such a beautiful grandmother I don’t know her but she is my grandmother! I don’t see who could possibly dislike this video!! It just goes km show its a lot of heartless people in this world… And my god keep blessing my grandmother and safe from harm! Steve you are awesome for making sure she is okay and taking care of! Many blessings.?”

“We should respect our grand elders…!! They are ABSOLUTELY rare! They have seen a lot and been through so much. They deserve respect and love. They are the wisest owls on earth. And to be honest, I absolutely LOVE elderly people. They have experienced so much, and know way much more than the average “50” year old adult. Absolutely experienced at life.?”