Steve Harvey is one of the most popular television hosts today.

He has become even more popular since he started hosting “Family Feud.”

People often give hilarious responses to the questions that are asked on this television show.

Steve Harvey recently asked, “What part of your wife is bigger than it should be?” A question like that could potentially generate a lot of interesting responses. However, one man decided that he was going to give an innocent response.

His wife was right beside him, so he wanted to make sure that he did not offend her.

The man did not want to say anything about physical appearance. He stated that his wife’s heart was bigger than it should be. Steve was so touched by the response that he decided to give the man a hug.

The video clip from “Family Feud” has been put on YouTube. It has been viewed over 607,000 times since it was posted back in May 2016. One person commented saying that the man was smooth for giving such a response.

Another person stated that the man knew exactly what to say to save himself. Additionally, someone commented saying that the man gave the sweetest answer.