In a powerful display of leadership, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson recently spearheaded a GOP delegation’s visit to the southern border, shedding light on what can only be described as a “truly unconscionable” situation. The stark reality unveiled during this visit has sent shockwaves through conservative circles, with Speaker Johnson passionately decrying President Joe Biden’s administration for its role in this unfolding crisis.

This visit by Speaker Johnson and over sixty members of the GOP caucus followed a troubling trend at the border, where authorities grappled with an astounding 302,000 migrants encountered in December 2023—an unprecedented surge for that time of year. It’s clear that something must be done to address this burgeoning crisis, and Speaker Johnson didn’t mince words when expressing his concerns.

Taking to social media to share his thoughts on the border visit, Speaker Johnson wrote, “Yesterday, more than 60 House Republicans were in South Texas, engaging with local landowners and law enforcement. We witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of the President’s reckless open-border policies on communities across the state.”

He continued, “The Biden Administration’s decision to sue the state of Texas for trying to secure its border is nothing short of shameful. True leadership prioritizes the protection of its citizens, and @GovAbbott has displayed this leadership where President Biden has fallen short. It appears that the Biden Administration’s deliberate strategy is to maintain an open border, perpetuating the chaos and humanitarian crisis that their policies have birthed.”

In a formal press release issued by his office, Speaker Johnson reiterated his concerns, stating, “At a time when America is grappling with the worst border crisis in our nation’s history, it is simply unconscionable to hear that Secretaries Mayorkas and Blinken discussed amnesty for illegal immigrants with the President of Mexico. The United States must adopt policies that deter, not attract, those attempting to enter illegally and the human traffickers profiting from this border catastrophe.”

He concluded, “This latest development reinforces the notion that the Administration has no genuine intention of resolving the humanitarian disaster and immediate national security threat resulting from its policies. President Biden must cease his vacations and take immediate steps to stem the tide of illegal immigration into our country. Our national security and sovereignty hang in the balance, and the American people are demanding action.”

During the press conference, Speaker Johnson painted a grim picture of America teetering on the brink due to the illegal immigration crisis. He asserted, “One thing is abundantly clear: America is on the verge of collapse, thanks to record levels of illegal immigration.”

Drawing from his conversations with immigration authorities and local landowners, Speaker Johnson passionately characterized the situation as “unconscionable,” emphasizing, “The situation here, and indeed across the nation, is nothing short of heartbreaking and infuriating.”

Speaker Johnson didn’t stop there; he outlined the actions President Biden should have taken to address the border crisis and contrasted them with the administration’s actual actions. He asserted, “Instead of providing incentives for more people to come, the President should be actively deterring illegal immigration. Rather than entertaining discussions of amnesty with Mexico, this administration should reinstate the Remain-in-Mexico policy.” With conviction, he added, “This is an unmitigated disaster—a catastrophe—and what’s more tragic is that it’s a disaster of the President’s own making.”

The urgency of this border crisis cannot be overstated, and Speaker Johnson’s words resonate deeply with conservative Americans who believe that our nation’s security and sovereignty are at stake. As this situation unfolds, it remains to be seen whether President Biden will heed the call for immediate action or continue down the path that has led us to this “truly unconscionable” crossroads.