Marriage is one hell of a bumpy ride and requires patience since couples have misunderstandings at times. They however put their differences aside and makeup. It is uncommon for spouses to spend the night in separate rooms even when they do not get along. Sleeping in separate beds is a clear indication that the marriage is struggling to remain on its feet and is probably on the verge of a divorce. Rumors have it that President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump have been sleeping in separate beds. An anonymous tip to the press stated that the 46-year-old first lady is in an unhappy marriage. The first lady does not make any effort to hide her distressed state from the public’s glaring eyes. The inability to stand her husband is probably the reason behind initiating the sleeping arrangements. The tip further states that Melania is fed up with President Trump and is disinterested in Trump and everything else revolving around him including the presidency. Another source had a slightly different claim and stated that the two sleep in the same room but in separate beds a deed the source believes is the two putting up a show for the public and fulfilling their obligations as the president and first lady of the U.S.

In response to the allegations Melania‚Äôs representatives wrote a statement addressing the issue that the rumor going around about the president’s marriage was false. The representatives went ahead to discredit the unnamed sources. The media houses that published the story filled with fabricated lies were reprimanded for publishing content without investigating the allegations. The news has been received by the public with mixed reactions. Some comments expressed sympathy towards Melania for having to suffer at the hands of the president. One particular comment expressed their hatred towards Trump, and the belief is that the only reason Melania was still in the marriage was that she was enslaved to the president who owned her. Another comment was contemptuous and scornful. They said that they were not empathetic towards Melania since she was a gold digger and was only in the marriage for the money and prestige that comes with being married to the president.

Generally most reviews agreed that the magnitude of the accusations was jarring. However the reports concluded that President Trump is a misogynist because the allegations were proof of a rocky marriage. The uproar on social media was between Trump’s supporters and non-supporters who agreed that it was not appropriate for the dirty linen of the marriage to be washed in public despite their inclinations. One person called out Cosmopolitan via their Facebook page regarding the invasion of the privacy of the marriage. Another comment as much as they agreed with the allegations believed that the matter was confidential. However they sympathized with what their child was going through because of the messages being spread on social media concerning the parent’s marriage. Accusations were made to the unnamed sources for telling lies concerning the president. One comment from an individual who was not fond of Trump said that the allegations were a political stunt being pulled by Trump’s rivals to taint the president’s name further since he is not very popular and tarnish his reputation. The rumors were inhumane and insensitive towards the couple despite being in the limelight.