There are tons of bacteria and germs that may be residing on the human body. Most people are aware of that, but some do not know about face mites. Scientists first discovered face mites back in 1842. These face mites can reside, mate and multiply in the human face. Even though they may not be seen with the human eye, they can be detected with a telescope.

The face mites come from the spider family.

Scientists believe that anyone can have face mites in their skin. There are two types of face mites, D. brevis and Demodex folliculurum. They have a worm-like shape and short legs. D. brevis are found inside of the sebaceous glands in the skin. Demodex folliculurum are found inside of the hair follicles.

Scientists are not sure about what the face mites feed on to survive.

However, they do believe that they can feed on skin oil and dead skin cells. They may also eat bacteria that is on the skin. Even if one keeps their skin very clean, they may still have face mites. There is a video on YouTube showing the actions of face mites under a microscope. It has been viewed over 225,000 times.