Israeli women are drafted into the army at the age of 18 and they must serve two years. Israel is one of the few countries that requires women to enlist in the army. This has been a law since 1948 and even includes a mixed infantry unit that began in 2004.

As a woman, you do not want to lose your identity when you are brought into a majority male population. These women have worked hard to prove they are able tobe heros for their country and still be feminine in the process.

By posting pictures showing their life and their other life they can hold on to their femininity and their youth. These are young women doing their due diligence to their country and still showing the world that they are able to be beautiful and have fun like other young adults.

Grueling workouts and training keep them in top shape. The women train with their men counterparts for seven months and three weeks. Upon completion of training the men and women then complete a seven day, 14 mile march in the high temperatures of Israel before they are considered ready.

Any man or women who is able to complete this training earns their right to show their achievements and that they are still an everyday person performing a job. The Israeli females have an Instagram fan page that features thousands of different women who are not only posing in their Army, or work, uniform but also their everyday life pictures featuring selfies.

It is a hard job that they trained a long time for. The young adult women who are posting happy selfies, vacation time, and off-time rests have earned the right to show they are still feminine and beautiful.

That there is still beauty in the world that is surrounded by so much violence and hate. A certain respect must be given to someone who fights so hard along side of men and still able to hold on to their youthfulness and carefree smiles.

For women everywhere they stand strong and beautiful in some of the darkness of times. Showing and sharing the strength of a woman across the globe.