Ashlynn Sky is an american fitness and bikini model based in California. Sky, a prominent figure in the social media world, has surpassed two hundred twenty thousand followers on Instagram and has created a large following beyond Instagram.

Her reach extends to many platforms, as she has a very diversified content pool. She is the face of a productive Youtube account and has carried her following across many other platforms and websites. On Youtube, sky has accumulated over three million total views and passed twenty thousand subscribers, averaging over five thousand viewers a video. She owns her own personal website, where people can purchase memberships to receive exclusive content, such as behind the scenes photos and videos. This VIP type of content allows Sky to interact more personally with her fans and give them more content, while generating revenue from another source.

One aspect that has led to much of Sky’s success is the quality photos she posts on her page. Viewers and common users of Instagram and other social media platforms are drawn to high quality photos and content. Sky’s Instagram account is a gallery of quality posing and apparel, paired with extravagant views and scenes. Lavish beaches, crystal clear blue water, and bright blazing suns all make frequent appearances in photos on Ashlynn’s account. Viewers are drawn to the beautiful views, helping to generate more traffic towards her account.

These beautiful views can be attributed to the lavish lifestyle Sky leads, where she has the opportunity to travel and experience different areas and cultures around the world. Though she spends much of her time traveling to different places, Sky does most of her shooting in local areas and at nearby beaches. Sky can often be found in various beaches around Laguna Beach, crashing through the waves or posing in the sand. She can also be seen in Newport Beach, her new home, walking around the pier or taking photos on the sand there. Recently, Sky had the opportunity to travel to Scottsdale, Arizona, as a partner with Gym Molly, a company that is a strong supporter.