“Standing out” are barely the appropriate words to describe women who are extremely tall. For the majority of us, we’re used to seeing women looking down upon us if they are professional models or basketball players. It’s such a surprising body characteristic that we’re enthralled.

Caroline Arthur, a mother from Melbourne, Australia, has been referred to as a “human skyscraper” by her own young children. A former model, she stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, with her stunning legsmaking up 69% of her body frame. An entire person could make up the length of her leg!

Barcroft TV shares this video recording of Caroline, that includes her using a measuring tape to calculate the length of her legs. Her incredibly prolonged limbs are an astounding 51 1/2 inches! She is thinking about consulting with the Guinness Book of World Records to learn about her eligibility towards annihilating the latest record. The most recent record owner for lengthiest legs is a Russian girl whose limbs measure 51.9 inches, and was recognized in 2003.

All of her life, Caroline has had trouble buying outfits that fit. While checking out jeans in the snippet listed below, we see that they fit awfully. She explains having to buy slacks based upon the length, and not waist size, just so they ‘d cover her legs. At age 12, she was wearing size 16 or 18. She still has trouble finding clothes!

Her partner Cameron shares that he ‘d never had a facination for tall ladies, but he enjoyed Caroline. He’s roughly the same height as her.