Have you ever seen someone wearing an item of clothing that didn’t go with their age? It might cause others to feel uncomfortable when a person appears to be dressing down in order to appear like a “hip” teenager or twenty-something when they are, in fact, approaching retirement age. And according to Tip Hero, one fashion advisor thinks so, too, particularly regarding denim jeans.

If you’re over a certain age, the experts recommend donating all of your jeans to charity since they’re no longer fashionable. While this suggestion should be taken with a grain of salt, it is well worth hearing her out.

The style advisor is not only advocating for the abandonment of jeans among older people because of their personal preferences. They made use of facts and research to back up their argument.

CollectPlus, a United Kingdom-based parcel business, sent out an inquiry to consumers in the country to nearly 2,000 individuals. People are furious over the findings of their study on the link between blue jeans and age.

People think that if you’re over the age of 53, you should stop wearing blue jeans, according to an analysis. While the study didn’t cover garments like short-shorts, tights, or crop tops, respondents condemned older people for wearing their favorite jeans.

Why are jeans so frequently associated with ageism? Respondents stated that it is difficult to discover jeans that fit well and still look fashionable for older fashion enthusiasts.

People struggle to find jeans that fit, according to a new survey. 19 percent of those who took the poll said they couldn’t locate a pair of jeans that fitted. 6% of people claim that their search for blue jeans comes up dry. 29% of other respondents gave up looking for pants because they couldn’t find a pair they liked. Only one in ten individuals are willing to go through six pairs of pants on their own in order to get the right fit. It’s tough trying to squeeze into clothes as you get older.

It gets more difficult to shop for jeans as people age. When they do locate one that fits, however, they keep the pair of pants and wear them on a regular basis for at least three years. While older people are devoted to their denim blue jeans, they have a long journey ahead of them and several obstacles to overcome when it comes to finding the perfect pair. And this causes a lot of tension and irritation quickly.

There are many hidden costs to shopping on a budget. Transportation, parking, and shipping add an extra $45 in hidden expenses just to obtain a pair of jeans that someone else likes. The hidden cost of acquiring older increases considerably.

Online purchasing is no different. Because you can’t try it on first, return fees are prohibitive for older consumers.

If you’re tired of wearing jeans, the research recommends that you cease doing so. They cost too much for you to track them down and are difficult to find the correct pair that fit your physique.