Brett Butler, the lead star of Grace Under Fire, which was a hit comedy in the 1990s, has recently gained attention from millions of people after one of her close friends, Lon Strickler, created a GoFundMe campaign to assist Brett Butler to manage her ongoing financial problems. Although she gained $25 million from her show’s five seasons between 1993 and 1998, she subsequently lost it all as a result of battling an addiction to drugs and other issues that pushed her into severe financial difficulties.

Strickler states in the campaign: “Friends and loved ones are reaching out and asking for fans of actress Brett Butler to help her through her time of need. We all love and know Brett from her TV series, Grace Under Fire, as Grace Kelly, and her many TV and stage appearances. But like many others, this past year has put her in a critical situation, and desperation has set in. I’m not exaggerating using those words. It is urgent. Brett has exhausted all of her resources, and the stress of looming eviction is straining her mentally and physically.”

He added: “Brett is one of the kindest down-to-earth people that anyone will meet. She has helped me get through some rough times, and I feel it’s time for me and her friends to help get her through this. I have taken the initiative to start this Go Fund Me page because she is a very private person, and I know she won’t ask for help. Brett has many fans all over the world. I am praying hearts will open, and you will give what you can. She has made millions of people laugh over the years. It’s time to give back to her for her gift of laughter to all of us. Please help! It is urgent!”

Butler struggled with alcoholism and an addiction to Vicodin, which she obtained for sciatica pain. Unfortunately, Butler claimed that she can only recall roughly 80 of the 112 episodes – nevertheless, her costars and ABC remember her actions and how fast she needed to rehabilitation to deal with her dependency.

The response has been amazing. More than $40,000 was raised for the Grace Under Fire star who was on the verge of bankruptcy, twice the goal. Brett Butler provided another update:

“Thank you. Flat out. There are way more people reaching out than I’d expected and with more kindness than I believe I deserve. To the folks who took the time to send personal messages of support, that’s been the biggest surprise of all. Some of you brought so much of that Human Being thing to the table that you helped change the way I see things – as in right now and for the better. That can change everything.”

She continued, “If you’re ever queen of the known universe for any length of time and blow up your freaking spaceship in a distant galaxy a really long way from home, angels or good friends are your only hope. And once in a very blue moon, they are rolled into one.”

Are you shocked that Brett Butler has raised more than $40,000 for a GoFundMe campaign?