In the modern era, social media plays an integral part in our daily life. Especially Instagram, some people can become models and influence users to buy and be interested in certain products and services. Models become successful by posting many different beautiful and good looking pictures on their Instagram wall and pages. The personal characteristics usually reflect our personality and the content we share, and the message we want to pass. The user engagement on Instagram determines our influence, and images and tags characterize it.

The robustness of the models will evaluate the overall performance of the model on Instagram.Jessica Naz is a top model developing a budding model career through Instagram. She has posted a whole collection of pictures that are eye-catching and classy. Through the photographs and Instagram caption, she reveals different messages of truth in every shot. The captions give the viewer other ideas on life tips. For example, good body shape encourages the viewers to do regular exercise to achieve fitness. Jessica has a taste of fashion and projects different classy styles on the posts. This makes it easier for her to engage users and interact with many people aiming to become like her. Going through Jessica’s pictures, you can see that she has a camera-friendly face. The photographs capture the model’s thoughts, feelings, and personality.

Jessica Naz models pictures have been used for advertising and as a brand ambassador for several businesses. For instance, the model has been used for advertising GUESS lingerie, an online store dealing with women’s loungewear and beautiful lingerie, which include push-up bras, bralettes, things, slips, active intimates, and other related items. Some of these companies deal with women’s wear and use her Instagram platforms for different advertising items in their store. Since she has many followers, it promotes the selling of the goods as some people want to have a sense of fashion as hers.Jessica Naz started her career at the age of 11 after she was scouted in a mall. She has been graced as the cover girl of Maxi France in May/June in 2018, among her achievements.

She is represented by the DAS Management, Revolution Management, THE FACE models, and Rebels MGMT. She uses different clothes, promoting fashion clothes. Due to her style, she has collaborated with many brands and gained many followers on her page. Her portfolio consists of the sale made pictures and dilutes professional photos, which give her different looks. Through her followers, she has gained a marketing demand to advertise various products.

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Jessica Naz is a best known professional model and she was born in 1998 in Miami, Florida, United States. In 2018 she was Maxim’s France magazine cover girl. Jessica Naz has promoted marketing and advertising in different ways. She has been booked for different auditions for advertisements. Her accomplishments make other females who are her followers want to be like her and put more effort into achieving their goals. She has encouraged many people to work out to attain suitable body shapes and fitness. For some teenage girls, she becomes their idol due to her great sense of fashion and style. She has promoted different photographers, making them have more customers because of the quality pictures she posts on her page.
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