It often takes a lot of effort and determination to build an Instagram following that is worth its weight in fame. For Natalie Gauvreau, the rise to fame came pretty quickly. She has amassed nearly 4.5 million followers and this is a number that continues to rise. Most of her fame comes from her modeling prowess. Natalie is known across multiple countries thanks to her upbringing in Canada.

She grew up in a small town 5 hours north of Toronto, which was an adjustment for her as she sees herself as a true city girl. Most of her early years were spent sharing time and experiences with her large family. In total, she has 5 other brothers and sisters. The family element had a huge impact on her life up until she reached the age of a teenager. Before she reached the age of 21, Natalie had relocated to Texas. The relocation was somewhat tough on her due to her family life, but she made the change to further her career.

Once arriving in Texas, Natalie found many different outlets to support her line of work. She used her material mindset to approach different brands and companies for work. She is not a shy individual, which was an element that brought her search and her claims to fame full-circle. Her individual drive is what sets her apart from the competition.

Her involvement in the world of modeling was quickly scaled to the platform of an actress. She starred in three different films, playing a prominent role in each of the films. This garnished the attention of agencies and production companies from across the globe, placing her personal gains on the map. This drive helped her secure a strong following.

Her Instagram page is one of the fastest-growing pages across the Instagram market. Her 4.5 million fans come from all different walks of life. Most of her Instagram content is aesthetically pleasing for the viewers and has garnished the attention of many. Most of her content is straight forward and to the point. She is not shy to share with others what is on her mind, which is an aspect of self that no one can take from her. Most of her photos give a sneak peek into her day-to-day life. She is a very open individual, which is something that her fans enjoy for interactive approaches. She is consistently viewing things that fans send her and responding to questions that fans ask.

Her fans are her lifeline to a greater sense of purpose and being. Recognizing her flaws and her short-comings is something that this young model is very open about. She recognizes that she is not perfect, but she will continue to utilize her platform to invest in the lives of others. Her platform allowed her to reach a better life and invest in a wealth of gratitude that will continue to be given back throughout her many systems of involvement. She is just a city girl who has clawed her way to the top through hard work and determination.