Whitney Johns has a large following on social media, with over half a million followers on Instagram and two thousand plus posts on the platform. She is a beautiful woman with a focus on fitness and getting people healthy, and she shares many photos of herself wearing bikinis and other outfits that show off her toned body. Whitney Johns does personal and online training and advertises her fitness app in the bio of her Instagram page. She also helps people figure out what is going on with their guts and become healthier in that way, in addition to helping them get fit.

Whitney Johns gets a bit personal in some of her photo captions, and she posted about the struggles that she faced during the year in November 2020. She said that she got through the challenging times by being grateful and writing down things that she was thankful for every day. She says that she is grateful for her friends, family, and clients and all the support that she receives.

Whitney Johns is an inspiration to many, and those who comment on her posts tell her how beautiful she is. She also posts some random workout videos on her page to get others inspired. At the top of the Instagram page, she has highlighted some of her stories, labeled for her clients, recipes, gut health, and more. She has shared posts about recovery and having a good mindset, and people can look at those highlights to be inspired to live a healthier life.

Whitney Johns shares a variety of photos of herself on her Instagram page, from posed pictures where she is wearing stunning dresses and outfits to more casual pictures and videos where she is working out at home. She also has shared some photos of herself with other beautiful women, and she has shared photos of herself in the kitchen. Whitney Johns believes it is important to eat right, and she has shared recipes for healthy smoothies and more. She also shared a funny video of herself learning how to box, and photos on the beach and in the pool. Her Instagram page is colorful and beautiful, and she is always wearing fashionable attire that shows off her figure. In one photograph, she is holding a gun and captioned it that she is still learning how to shoot. She shares her passions and hobbies with her clients and followers, and people can feel that they know her from reading all her posts and seeing what she is up to each day. She posts on Instagram stories and has some longer videos on there, as well, and there is a lot of content for people to see from her.