Modeling is one of the jobs that has become more common thanks to the presence of social media, and the opening it has opened to others. There are many girls who are using these platforms to create a space for themselves in the beauty and fashion industry.

One of the ladies who have done and is succeeding is Christen Dye. Christen Dye was born in 1989 in Memphis in the United States of America and started out modeling at the young age of twelve. By the time she was 19, she had decided she wanted to pursue modeling full-time and moved to Dallas to start off. The young lady has always had the features that make her suitable for modeling, but this does not make her slack on maintaining her body in the best shape. The modeling industry has been plagued by stories of eating disorders, with many models trying to remain or attain petiteness. This has led to a lot of body dysmorphia, anorexia, bulimia, and many other diseases. Christen Dye has spoken out on multiple occasions on how she was almost affected by the same before she knew that self-esteem is a very important tool to carry in the modeling industry.

As a model who has had her face in both online and print media, she is one of the people who are considered to have made it in the industry, so basically, young people in the modeling industry look up to. Instead of spreading stories on what to eat or drink to become slimmer, but instead, she shares ways to eat better by taking nutritious food. She puts health over the shape and is a regular preacher of eating and working out rather than starving off to maintain a certain body type. With her thousands of followers, especially on Instagram, she shares workout routines, and style tips that help bring out a body type better rather than squeezing into something in order to look a certain type of way.

Christen has appeared in various commercials and projects. She has partnered up with brands such as Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, Allure Bridal, Red Bull Energy, Monster Energy, Palm Beach Tans, Malibu Boats, Beach Bunny Swimwear, among others. She has also been part of the Bentley Tour and sports illustrated as well as being in music videos as she was in the Dirty South song by Lucas Hoge. For someone in the industry who has this much on her portfolio, she commands quite the following on social media. Looking into her past in fashion, it is clear to see she has made large steps that others who are just starting out can follow. She regularly has a question and answers segments where she tells her fans and anyone interested in body shaping tips, working out hacks, and fashion tips to remain relevant. With such openness and candidness, these are just some of the attributes that make her a favorite among people. She also champions sustainable fashion since it is clear that some unethical methods are being used to source for materials or making the clothes. She is a social justice champion who is, in essence, not just a fashion and beauty model but a role model as well. Christen Dye is a people’s sweetheart and will probably continue to be for a long time to come.