A camp for teenagers in Kentucky has come under fire for promoting “self-managed abortions” and encouraging toddlers to experiment with masturbation. After hundreds of furious people in Kentucky and across the country took aim at her for spreading sexual education to America’s future generation of people in Appalachia who have failed to receive an adequate sex education from their schools, the leader of the “Sexy Summer Camp” for youngsters has gone into hiding.

Teens who attend the sex-ed camp in Whitesburg, Kentucky, learn everything there is to know about sex, from how to become a sex worker to information on BDSM. The camp has attracted attention recently because Christopher Rufo, a culture wars critic and Manhattan Institute writer who goes by the pen name David French, published an article about the Sexy Sex Ed camp on March 16, 2022.

Rufo mentions in his narrative that the Food camp has a “Sexy Summer Camp” program for teenagers aged 13 and up. The camp’s classes taught these young Appalachian youths a crash-course education in various sex and sex work subjects, including “included lessons on ‘sex liberation,’ ‘gender exploration,’ ‘BDSM,’ ‘being a sex worker,’ ‘self-managed abortions,’ and ‘sexual activity while using licit and illicit drugs.’”

Tanya Turner launched the Sexy Sex Ed camp in 2012. Her objective was to teach rural kids about the world of sex so they would not receive poor sexual education in schools.

According to Rufo, who likes to fan the flames, Turner “calls herself a ‘femme, fat, queer, magical pleasure worker’ who was raised by ’a host of witchy women’ in a ‘coven-like mountain matriarchy’ and uses ‘crystals,’ ‘sex toys,’ and ‘tarot’ in her teaching.”

In one video uploaded to social media, Turner advises her four-year-old nieces and nephews to practice masturbation because she feels that a toddler touching themselves in a sexual way is beneficial and natural.

“‘Masturbation is really healthy, and I recommend it to people of all ages. All ages,” Turner stated. “As soon as my nephews could talk, they were doing that.”

The Sexy Sex Ed organization was subjected to a lot of bullying and threats after Rufo published his critical piece about Turner’s camp.

Turner’s organization posted on its website: “Since last Tuesday, Sexy Sex Ed, our educators, and our funders have been flooded with hundreds of threatening messages across all platforms. We recognize that the current misinformation attack against Sexy Sex Ed is part of a long-term, highly funded, and coordinated strategy of the right to maintain and entrench their power through media and narrative control.”

According to one source who spoke anonymously to Jezebel, staff and supporters of the Kentucky sex education camp were so afraid for their lives that they stayed at home.

Rufo is pleased that his Sexy Summer Camp has been exposed to a larger audience of people across the country.

Rufo said on Twitter, “Sexy Summer Camp founder Tanya Turner self-identifies as a witch, regularly posts about dildos and OnlyFans, runs mixed-age sex workshops with minors and adults, and talks openly about encouraging toddlers to masturbate. Criticism is legitimate and to be expected. The rush to play the victim is a way to avoid any meaningful discussion about the real issues. While we should reject any harassment, we should not allow unsubstantiated victimhood claims to obscure the fact that adults are targeting and sexualizing children.”