Unfortunately, random acts of violence are no longer as unexpected. There have been accounts from all over the world of individuals hurting others for no apparent reason. So, when a Walmart in Windsor, Connecticut, was attacked recently, it only reminded me of the awful things people could do. Let’s just hope that Walmart is doing everything possible to keep it from

The Johnson family, which includes Mel and Cheryl, went on a late-night shopping excursion to Walmart with their spouse, Mel. This huge store has always provided as a great value and all-encompassing shopping adventure. When they pulled their cart out of the stack in the entryway, they never would have imagined that what they found inside

After a quick survey of the basket, she turned it upside down and shook out some water. “Oh,” Mel breathed. He then carefully withdrew his hands from the handle and winced. Looking under the shopping cart’s handle, he saw a razor sticking out of it.

The store manager called the police immediately once he discovered the razor in Cheryl’s purse. They didn’t want this to happen to anybody else. The manager quickly gathered his employees and had them check every single cart in the story for another razor while the cops arrived. Thankfully, no additional razors were discovered during this time.

The authorities are presently pursuing two theories as to how this might have occurred. First, it could’ve been a joke. For no reason, someone may have had the goal of harming someone else. I’m hoping it isn’t true.

The officers’ second guess is that these razors might be used to assist customers steal from stores. Walmart Inc., according to JumbleJoy.com, believes shoplifters may use razors to cut security tags and go unnoticed by security cameras. Shoplifters typically remove the blade or place it back so that no one gets harmed,

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. In 2015, Dawson, North Dakota resident Lisa Zimmerman had the identical thing happen to her. We wish that this wasn’t a frequent problem or that people weren’t so thoughtless in doing tasks like this, but it keeps happening. It must be stopped before someone is badly harmed.

Cheryl and Mel are both relieved that the razor blade did not cause more damage. Given that children often operate their parents’ carts, it’s conceivable that it would happen to them as well. What would have happened if the cart had been left out in the rain and the blade got rusted?

Whether you’re at the supermarket or drugstore, it’s vital to inspect shopping carts before gripping them. While being overly cautious is no way to live, cutting oneself while grocery shopping isn’t much better.

What measures, if any, do you believe Walmart and other businesses can take to help keep this situation from getting out of hand?