There are a few things that you might see running down the road, such as a deer or a dog.

One of the animals that you might not be accustomed to seeing running along a road or a runway is a hog. A driver is making what seems like a normal trip on the highway when he spots something odd. He happens to get his phone out to record the incident.

He thought that he was looking at a dog at first. After he started paying a little more attention to the animal, he saw that it was a large pig. This is where the story gets funnier.

The pig isn’t running down the road just for exercise. It’s chasing a goat. To give a better perspective to what he’s seeing, the driver backs his car up to get a better glimpse of the animals.

He proceeds to laugh at the two animals as it’s something that you just don’t see every day. The animals are running along the side of the road very quickly.

While the image is funny, it’s also frightening as the animals could easily be hit by a car at any moment, especially if one decides to run out into traffic.