In Girona, Spain, there is a port that is famous for the huge tuna that live in the sea by the town.

The fish are so large that tourists and locals travel to the best spots in order to catch a glimpse of the giant fish feeding on surface scraps.

From time to time, people will toss sardines and other foodstuffs into the ocean to entice the tuna into breaching the surface, and all that food sometimes attracts unwanted guests to the scene. Such an event occurred recently when some tourists were recording the tuna feeding on some floating sardines.

Seagulls from the area became very excited when they saw sardines being thrown into the sea, and the birds started trying to dive into the water in order to acquire the small fish before the tuna could get to it.

The tactic worked for quite some time until a seagull made a grave mistake that taught the others a valuable lesson in sharing and stealing.

The seagull in question spots a sardine floating in the ocean, and he dives to capture the bait. He gets the fish, but he was unaware that a tuna had already put that sardine into its sights. Within a moment of the seagull landing in the water and eating the sardine, the bird is engulfed by the mouth of the much larger tuna trying to eat the sardine that was there just a moment before.

A moment later, the tuna spits out the seagull, which flies away in a heap of crumpled and wet feathers.